Section 1: Vision


Chaos to ControlOver the next 7 weeks I intend to write seven blog posts summarizing each section of my book (which is now at the printers) Today’s post is about the importance of having a clearly defined vision in order to be more productive and successful.

What is your vision, do you want to become more successful?

It is widely accepted that you need to be clear about what you want to achieve before you set out on the road to success. Knowing what you want to achieve provides both a road map and the motivation to follow the right path. Knowing the goals you are working towards gives you a way to measure the work you do daily. We all want to avoid being a busy fool and working on the wrong things, therefore a regular check to see if what you are working on is getting you closer to your goals will help you be more productive and get to your destination more quickly and efficiently.

Are you clear about your vision?
Do you know where you want to be in 5 or 10 years’ time?

If your aim is to be successful you most probably work hard every day in pursuit of your goals. But if your goals aren’t clearly defined you are at risk of spending hours or maybe days working hard on the wrong things. When you are clear about the big picture, you then know if the work you are busy with every day is the right work. By creating a personal vision you are taking control of your own future. You are no longer leaving your success to chance. You will be taking the helm and driving forward.

It’s Not Always That Easy

One of the problems with this approach is that many people find it difficult to define what they want. They know they want to be successful but they are unsure how to get there. Knowing what you want from life is not always black and white. Getting organized and becoming more productive can help you to figure it out. Clearing the clutter will help you to gain more clarity and focus, it will give you more space and time to become more self-aware. It will result in reduced stress and more time to spend on the things that truly matter.

Writing them Down

Experts advise us to set goals and write them down. The purpose of writing goals down is not just a popular fad, by writing we are making a commitment to their attainment. Writing down our goals will employ the help of a filter in our brain called the Reticular Activating System. Normally responsible for protecting us from information overload, you will have noticed this filter in use the last time you bought a car. The day you pull out of the showrooms you can’t help but notice how many similar cars there are on the roads. This is the result of your filter now open to the make and model of your new car. Therefore by writing down your goals you are alerting your filter to watch for the related opportunities that may come your way daily.

Think Positive

We are also regularly told that thinking positively can have a great impact on our lives. But how can positive thoughts get us what we want? Scientists have proven that the way we think about ourselves can have an impact on how successful we are. Recent tests carried out showed that being mentally prepared for achieving your goals will help you get what you wish for. If someone is prepared for failure, the brain will not react if they fail, there will be no extra brain activity. But when a person who expects to do well, fails, the brain reacts accordingly. Noting the discrepancy in expected result, which in turn leads to the person learning from the mistake and trying to correct the error made. So thinking positively about success can give you a much higher possibility of becoming successful through what scientists call the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

The lesson is to think positively about the goals you want to achieve, write them down and work towards their attainment. Regularly check that the work you are busy with is in alignment with your higher goals.

This will be the first step to a happier more productive you.

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I think that it is really important to have those checkins to make sure you are still in alignment regularly.

Thanks Lori it’s true otherwise you risk wasting time and worrying about the wrong things


The section sounds awesome, and you make such good points about vision. Often, either people completely ignore the vision bit, or they get into it without any realistic foundation. Neither would work. A grand vision, ultimate dream is great. Even encouraged. But then we need to ground it in reality so we can achieve it, and I think the steps you lay out would help considerably with that.

Thanks Dolly and you are right too often people get stuck into the work without figuring out what really needs to get done or what they really want to achieve. Taking the time to work on your vision is a step that shouldn’t be avoided.

Really good tips here, Ciara. I like the idea of making sure I envision positive results so I can both achieve my goals and, if I fail, I can learn from the failure. Perfect!

Hi Ciara,

What you talk about here are some fantastic lessons that I learned first-hand when I partnered with my life coach. He helped me see how important it is to have a clear vision – when you have it, that vision informs your decisions. Just like y’said!

Being mentally prepared to achieve your goals – I loved that statement! It’s important to visualize your success, feel it as though it’s yours. It really helps to fuel the fire.

You had me at chaos. Any time I hear or see that word and someone tries to make something positive out of it I sit up at attention. Define, plan, organize and be optimistic that you can achieve something huge. That’s my impression of the first section and it sounds like a great one.

I’m seriously looking forward to the next post about section 2!

First of all congratulations on the book’s at the publisher! I can tell it’s going to be a winner. I was struck by this analysis of the importance of writing down goals. Of course I know this is a good thing to do. But I never quite got the why part like that. Setting up that brain filter to recognize opportunities that can lead us closer to our goals and desires. You’ve convinced me now!

Thats right Joel they are the steps to a happier and more productive life. No more chaos! Section 2 not far away!

nice post.

I am true beliver that within chaos lie opportunities, positive changes and challenges.

Its great Sarah I love that part too. To understand that it actually plays a part in helping your subconscious attain your goals is very powerful. I hope all your dreams start to come true! Have a great day


Te deseo que tengas mucho éxito, ya estoy impaciente por leerlo!! la mejor actitud ante la vida, ser positivos!

muchos besos,

The title of the book is what grabs the attention first. It’s what we all dream of! The synopsis of the first section is enticing and moreish, setting out some of the methods that can help us achieve control in our lives. It is sometimes the glaringly obvious ideas like visualisation, positivity and goal setting that we need to have pointed out to us in real detail and with practical tips in how to achieve them and this book sounds like it will provide exactly what it says on the tin. looking forward to next blog. congratulations on the book ciara.

Thanks Julie it’s true we are not always ready to do what we know is good for us and will benefit our lives. The reminders need to keep coming! Have a great day

Gracias Amiga – Keep Focusing on the positives and have a great weekend

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