10 Useful Declutter tips

Need to take control of your home or work environment? Start by de-cluttering and eliminating all that is unnecessary and then create a space for everything that is important or necessary to keep.

Here are ten tips to help you de-clutter and stay organized

1. Clean as you go

Clean as you go, my mother’s advice is the best and should not be taken lightly!

2. 6 Month Rule

If you haven’t used something in the last 6 months dump it, this goes for clothes, shoes, books etc. Sporting or camping equipment can stay but if you haven’t used in 24 months time to start asking yourself other questions.

3. Schedule time for a de-clutter

Schedule some time weekly to clear out a space, start small perhaps with a drawer or a cupboard, this will help you to commit and achieve your goal. Alternatively it can be a good idea to commit to an hour of de-cluttering in this way you won’t feel disappointed when the hour is up and you haven’t finished the task.

4. Assess Real V Monetary Value

Don’t hold onto things because they cost you a lot of money, objects especially technology loses its value very quickly if you are keeping something just because it cost you money accept the truth, cut your losses and move on.

5. Limit sentimental objects

Have a rule for sentimental objects, how many of your children’s painting are you going to keep or your mother’s keepsakes, it will do you no good to hold onto too many sentimental objects.

6. One in one out

Follow the one in one out rule, if you buy a pair of shoes you must donate or thrown out a pair or two.

7. Think of the Environment

Become an Eco-Queen or King Reduce Reuse or Recycle!

8. Stop buying unnecessary stuff

Tied in with number 7 stop buying necessary stuff. Before you go shopping ask yourself what do I need, then if something catches your eye ask yourself “Do I really need this” The answer will probably be no.

9. Give away more

Become more generous and give away books or magazines that you have finished reading. There is no reason to hold onto books that you have already read unless there are factual and you want to keep them for reference. Take a look at your book cabinet how many books have you read more than once?

10. Have a place for everything

Invest in some good storage containers, filing cabinets, desk organizers. If everything has its own place it is more likely not to end up on your desk or on the kitchen table at the end of the day.

Remember the less clutter and unnecessary objects you store in your life the more space you leave for new opportunities and experiences to come into your life.

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I keep an area in my front cupboard for items I think I want to throw out, if then I haven’t looked for them in 6 months or a year I know I can throw them out.

Thanks Rachel that’s a good idea if you really find it difficult to part with stuff, get a box or drawer to put the items in and then review it after a set time, but don’t put everything in it a lot of clutter should go straight out the door !

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