Section 7: Maintaining the Flow


Chaos to ControlWe have come to the end of the series, I hope you have learnt tips and techniques to improve your productivity and efficiency. You will now be using your technology wisely and not wasting time on social media sites. (quickly closes Facebook window). You are feeling more optimistic about life and you have the knowledge how to get your life in order.

If you haven’t got started yet use this series or buy my book which will take you step by step through the process how to take control of your life. The seven sections represent all the things that I did to change my life from “Hectic to Harmony” from “Chaos to Control” Believe me it works.

Maintaining the Flow

One of the parts of the book that has got a lot of interest is how to maintain the good habits that you have learnt throughout the book. Most people find it easy to learn the techniques but not so easy to keep them up.

Here are a couple of steps to help you maintain the positive habits you will have learnt

Focus on the Goal

Think more about the objective rather than the process. If your goal is to get fit and every day you drag yourself out of bed thinking about how miserable you are, how you are not a morning person, how the exercise is painful and you don’t seem to be getting any fitter. You know what you won’t get fitter and it won’t get easier because you will quit. Alternatively you can praise yourself for getting up once again and getting out there. You can focus on the new found health and fitness and keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal. You control the thoughts that are inside your head!

Start Small

Whatever the habit, don’t try and do too much too soon. This is a definite recipe for disaster. People who go on a diet and stop smoking in the same week will tell you about the chance of success there. Exercise or Start clearing your inbox for 10 minutes a day, small daily changes will add up to create great results.

Be consistent

Any yoga teacher will tell you better to practice 10 minutes a day rather than 2 hours once a week. Consistency is the secret to success. If you do something everyday at the same time it is much easier to make it a habit. New pathways in the brain will be created after approximately 30 days and you will begin to do your new habit on autopilot. The more consistent you are with the time and place the easier it will be for you brain to accept it.

Use a trigger

A trigger is something you do everyday at the same time. If you want to start a new habit it is a good idea to do it every day just after a trigger. A meditation teacher once told me to “RPM” Rise, Pee, Meditate. You could do a weekly review of all your work every Friday after lunch. Creating a routine and using a trigger will increase your chances of success.

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