My Top 5 Productivity Apps

There are now more productivity apps and software on the market than ever before, programs to help you work faster, plan your day, get things done and help you remember to put on your socks in the morning! Here are a list of my top five in no particular order.

Remember the milk:

I think from the first time I heard the name of this app I wanted it, it stood out from all others, I love quirky, so when I saw the cow logo I was sold, business should be fun too not always serious and professional. But no I’m not that fickle, the app had to work too and out of all the task management apps, I find this the easiest to use. You can record tasks for today, tomorrow and this week, giving them categories such as work, personal, study or any other category you wish to create. Some programs over complicate things, it takes too long to enter a task and then to find it to mark it as complete is a job in itself. RTM is simple, easy to use and syncs fully with your online version so your can see your tasks from any computer. The free version is powerful enough to use for day to day needs but if you want to sync with Outlook it is necessary to subscribe for a yearly cost of $25.

Short Keys Lite:

Short Keys is a text replacement software which allows you to replace pieces of text which you use repetitively with one or two key-stokes. So rather than type in your full web address every time you want to let people know your website you can type #w and the program will automatically insert the full website address. This works for all programs, internet, email and any office program you may have running on your PC. With the lite version you can only have 15 short keys but I have always found this to be sufficient. If you want network support and backup facilities the upgrade to standard version costs $24.95 once off price.


iTranslate is a free translator which allows you to translate in over 50 languages. It translates words, phrases and sentences. iTranslate also has voice recognition software and allows you to speak and instantly see your translation. If you work with, or know anybody that speaks a different language this is an app to covet.


Evernote allows you to take notes, save your ideas and capture things you see and hear on the go. It is compatible with almost every computer and phone available and will synch seamlessly between phone and computer for access everywhere. You can capture webpages or bookmarks or even emails and also capture voice recordings. I think they have thought of everything! Its easy of search means your notes are retrievable in an instant.


And for the Mac user OmniFocus is a list manager program for GTD® fan. Designed with the GettingThings Done® system in mind, OmniFocus helps you setup a system for managing your projects and actions. Winner of the 2008 Apple design award for best IPhone Productivity Application Omnifocus is for those commited at $79.95 for the full Mac version or $19.95 for the IPhone.

One thing to remember when it comes to Productivity Apps, get advice, either online or from friends as to which app they use. Otherwise before you know it you have spent all the time you are going to save researching, downloading and playing with each a myriad of apps.

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