5 Benefits of Adding Plants to Your Office Space

3 Benefits of Adding Plants to Your Office Space

There are many benefits to having plants around us, from mental to physical health, plants offer so much to improve our quality of life but also to improve our productivity and performance.  Those of us who work from home will find it easier to add plants to our office space but even if you work in a professional and serious work environment, few people will object to having plants around, especially when they understand the multitude of benefits.  So if you want to make your space look and feel better, consider adding a few plants. Below are some of the many benefits of adding plants to your office space.

Better Air Quality

The first benefit is better air quality, when we spend so much time in our office space it may start to feel stuffy, while opening a window is always the best action you can take you may not have access to the outside air to ventilate your office or if you live in a cold climate, opening the window will not make you popular with your work colleagues. Plants will freshen the room’s air and add a clean smell that comes with growing plant life.

Plants release oxygen after absorbing carbon dioxide, continuously removing pollutants from the air. The clear air provided by the plants will help you think better and feel more relaxed.

Improved Creativity

Many people feel an increase in their creativity levels when they go on hikes or relax in nature. The relaxing state of the natural world can put us in an observatory mindset—we might see the leaves blowing in the wind and the blades of grass that collectively make a field.

This mindset helps us think about ideas in a different light and improves the generation of new ideas. You can recreate this aid to creativity in your workplace by adding plants to your office space. One study showed that surrounding yourself with nature and plants can help restore depleted cognitive resources and reduce emotional and physiological stress.

Surrounding yourself with different plants will help your mind settle into a more creative state. The various shapes and edges of each leaf, stem, and flower may relax and improve your creative mindset and help you complete projects that require you to think of new ideas.

Stress Reduction

Most people will feel stress at some stage of their working lives. Placing plants around your office space can help you focus on something besides your work. In colour psychology, we associate the colour green with life, good health, and growth.

Seeing green around your office will remind you of these positive aspects and help you feel better when your workload becomes too much. The subtle presence of life around you will help you feel more relaxed and hopefully minimise the impact of a difficult day.

The biophilia hypothetis suggests that humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and is probably why many people feel better when they have access to outdoor areas at work.  If you have an outside area in work, try to spend time with the plants to relieve stress and get through the rest of the day.

Improved Mental & Emotional Health

Not having access to nature can have a negative impact on your mental health. Indoor plants are the next best thing. Having something to look after can take the focus away from your own problems and worries and offer motivation to care for something. Gardeners supposedly have lower stress levels and improved wellbeing. According to the World Economic Forum a recent review of 42 studies showed just being in the present of houseplants can improve emotional and mental health.

Increased productivity and performance

All these benefits mentioned will all have an impact on your performance and productivity. Enhanced mood, improved mental and emotional health. Improved creativity, reduced stress and a better environment all help us to focus and feel better about our workplace and our work.

A single potted plant can have many positive effects on your time in the office. Consider it a quick win, something that will have an ongoing positive effect on your work and wellbeing. So if you don’t already have one, add a plant to your office space today.

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