ciara conlon

As a professional speaker for almost two decades, I deliver relevant, up to date content for teams of all sizes. My sessions are interactive and energetic with an aim to deliver insights and provoke further contemplation. From 60 minute webinars to six week programmes, my programmes are designed and delivered to suit your people, your culture and the current challenges you may be facing

I deliver talks and programmes on

Productivity & Habit Creation

Team Productivity & Performance

Mindset & Wellbeing

and Leadership

These talks will inspire and motivate your team to improve their habits, performance and productivity and create a desire to become better leaders and create high performing teams.

productivity & Habits

We could all benefit from a  productivity boost. Learn ways to focus, prioritise and get more done in less time.

With better systems and processes you can increase efficiency, reduce stress and overwhelm and create a better working environment for all

Mindset & Wellbeing

Inspire your people to manage their mindset and create better habits, good habits will help improve their productivity and wellbeing. 

Habit and ritual can also be used to improve team performance, creativity or culture

Leadership & high performance Teams

High Performance Leadership or creating high preforming teams are all topics that I regularly speak about.

Now is the time to create High Performance Hybrid Teams, adaptable, innovative and inclusive, all essential attributes for the future workplace.

Get in touch to discuss how we can personalise any of these topics for your team

AIB Bank
Senior Manager

Great presentation Ciara, excellent feedback from the team. Lots of useful ideas and practical tips that we can use daily.

Mazars, Brazil
João Altenfelder
Finance Director

I’ve had an excellent seminar with Ciara Conlon in Dublin. She teaches the importance of changing old habits. She is a great high performance coach.

Colin Culleton
TPI Group

Ciara did a presentation on Zoom this morning for our team. It was brilliant. The right time to hear ideas on how to stay positive, productive and passionate in a time of Covid 19. Liked it? Loved itColin

David Collinson
Llyods Banking Group
Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Thanks Ciara, absolutely brilliant session.