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Learn how to navigate the challenges of leadership while increasing your own performance and impact


See how habits like Productivity , Energy and Presence can improve your happiness and success.


Its time you like to clear the clutter from the past to make way for your fabulous future

Hi, I’m Ciara,

I’m a life and leadership coach, author and speaker. I help busy people gain more control over their work and life so that they are clear about what they want to achieve and have a strategy to move forward and win.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck,  I can help you.

Deirdre Collier
Head of CRE and Large Exposures

Thank you for a really excellent coaching session, it was by far the best coaching I have every received. I appreciate your very valuable guidance and your support in helping me prioritise my goals and devising a plan to become a better leader

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Pat Moynihan

Ciara equipped me with a system that helps me approach my work in a more efficient manner, keeping me more organised with more time for the important things in life.

DMS Governance
Jason Poonoosamy
Managing Director

“Ciara helped me to navigate my progression in Leadership, she facilitated clarity and focus to enable me to reach my goals”


Helen Hamilton
Senior Manager

Honestly a life changing experience for me, I cannot Thank Ciara enough for helping me look at things from a different perspective and giving me new skills which are now part of my daily routine.

Productivity & Wellbeing Course

5 Week Hybrid Course for busy professionals


Wednesday  November 11th

Self Study & Virtual Classes

This is an 5 week training course for anyone who needs to balance work and life and consistently deliver work at a high level. The course consists of everything I have learnt about productivity over the past 10 years in bite sized lessons. It will give you the tools and techniques to get organised, beat procrastination and consistently take action towards the right goals. It will help you to get clear on your goals and priorities and remove the resistance and blocks to fulfilling your true potential.

Coming to you from the author of Productivity for Dummies and Audible’s Get Organised audio course

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