I went from complete chaos, overwhelm and depression to publishing 3 books and becoming an internationally recognised speaker and coach, want to know how?

In 2019, Audible contracted me to write a course on productivity. As well as my own books, I wrote one of the famous ‘Dummies Guides’ on Productivity.

I’ve been interviewed for almost every major broadcaster and regularly speak for major large corporate clients. Many Small independent passionate business owners and entrepreneurs trust me to help them reach their goals.

There was a time when all of this would have been unbelievable, the kind of thing other people achieve.

Let me tell you a little of my story


After my second son was born I left my corporate job to have more freedom and start my own business. From web design to technical support consultancy and even a stint bringing elderly catholics on pilgrimage to Lithuania (that’s a story for another day) I hustled to make my business dreams work.

And honestly, life back then was a struggle. Even though I had a beautiful little family, I was restless, frustrated and always felt disappointed with myself.

On top of that, my house was a mess, my head was overloaded and my thinking was erratic, jumping from idea to idea, never focusing long enough to make anything work.

My dreams were giving me a headache. In the midst of this chaos, these words kept repeating in my head:


“If only I could get organised”

Getting Organised was the first habit I mastered and with my new productivity habits life got better. Over the next ten years I learnt how important my daily habits were to my mental health and wellbeing.

Little by little I started changing my habits and as a result started transforming my life. This process helped me to become the master of my own fate to recognise how my unconscious was running my life and free myself from past conditioning and programming.

Creating habits was not about being perfect, or pushing myself to be the best. Creating positive habits has enabled me to find myself and my place in the world.

I now live free from my own inner critic, I have regained confidence in myself and what’s possible and I feel happy and free for the first time.

The quality of the life you lead is determined
by the quality of your daily habits

Life and Leadership Coach

I work with people who want to be better, who have a strong desire to create or achieve great things. So whether that’s a senior manager in a corporate environment or a self employed go getter, my gift is to see the potential in everyone and help them to reach this potential but in a purposeful way ensuring that the path they are on is the right path for them.

Using a combination of intuition and solid business insight (I have a degree in Economics and a Masters in Business) I help individuals become more conscious of their thoughts, habits and past conditioning in order to access the untapped potential and find their purpose, then we work together to create a solid strategy for success, improving the habits of productivity, energy and presence as we go.

So if you are ready to take action towards shedding the past to make way for your fabulous future

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Learn how to navigate the challenges of leadership while increasing your own performance and impact



Creating Team Cultures that increase  Productivity  Performance and Engagement..



Its time you like to clear the clutter from the past to make way for your fabulous future

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Productivity for Dummies

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