Productivity for Dummies
Become a master of productivity at home and at work

Do your productivity levels decrease day by day? Fear not! Productivity For Dummies is the definitive guide to taking your productivity to the next level. You′ll find out how to beat procrastination, make the most of your daily schedule, and which techniques and technologies can help you become a master of productivity.

  • Learn about the basics of productivity, what stands in the way of your personal goals and how specific techniques and methods can keep you on the path to productivity
  • Organise for action start with organisation and clutter elimination, then move on to making productivity an ingrained part of your everyday life
  • The devil is in the details find out how to apply all those great tips to actually make a difference in your life, from using calendars and developing better habits to blocking out noise and increasing concentration
  • Work it get down to business at work with productivity skills that will help you lead more productive meetings, communicate effectively, implement productivity–enhancing technology and much more

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Don’t we all! Productivity For Dummies, by Productivity Coach, Ciara Conlon shows you how to overcome this common problem by tackling key issues that are preventing you from remaining focused and making the most of your time.

This insightful text gets to the root of the problem, and shows you how to identify and analyse the items on your to-do list to deliver on deadlines and maximize your schedule.

Numerous techniques and technologies have been developed to address productivity needs, and this resource shows you which will work for your situation.

In the book you will find:

  • The best techniques and methods to boost productivity
  • How to set goals to achieve exactly what you want
  • Tips and tricks to stay on the path to productivity
  • Techniques for eliminating clutter and getting organised
  • How to apply all of your new–found productivity tips
  • How to make the most of every single workday