Systems, hacks and habits are great and can move you towards success in life. But sometimes we need to do some deeper work before we see the real benefit of these systems and habits.

I am an executive leadership coach as well as a life coach and one thing that I’ve seen unites us all, regardless of who you are and what you do for a living is our humanity.  We all experience the same fears, doubts and emotions. The experiences we have had in life affect us and often these experiences lead us to make the wrong choices or repeat the same behaviours that keep us stuck. We bury past emotions, we hide our lack of confidence and we ignore our low self esteem and we  hide from any discomfort and negative feelings.

The problem is these old wounds aren’t really buried, they haven’t gone anywhere!  They have just been covered over, and at times,  they rear their head, and dictate the journey that is our life. And most of the time, we don’t even know that this is happening.

Doing this work isn’t always easy, I’ve done it myself and it delivers great rewards.

This is becoming conscious. Shedding the layers of disempowering beliefs and emotions that prevent you from moving forward.

When you understand that you are reacting to the present moment with the emotions of the past, you can decide to let go of that story and move into the life you are supposed to lead. I know it can be scary but I have a system that works and the beauty of it is that it only takes a couple of sessions for your to feel different.

If this sounds like what you need right now, book a 15 minute call with me and we can see if you are ready.

By becoming more conscious you become more powerful

“From the moment I met Ciara I felt like she understood me. That she understood my problems. She spoke to me in a kind and honest way with clear instructions on how best to manage my situation. Ciara helped me develop skills to deal with high pressure situations, build my resilience and confidence. Ciara also helped me be more productive and gave me a renewed energy”

Emma Everard
Client Director Zenith

Here’s how I can help you become more conscious:

Get Unstuck Coaching

Fast and effective coaching to get you unstuck and back on track in your business and life. Suitable for anyone who feels something is holding them back.

  • Remove negative and limiting beliefs 
  • Release stuck emotion from the past
  • Create new patterns of thought 
  • Move forward with a strategy to achieve your goals

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