7 Ways Great Office Furniture Increases Productivity

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This is a guest post by Adam from Allard Office Furniture

Some people say that office furniture is just furniture. Other’s however understand how the right type of office furniture can influence employee productivity and morale. Here are seven things to consider to ensure your office furniture helps boost rather than hinder productivity.

1. Clever Office Layout

Open office plans are becoming popular these days. But they disregard the fact that many employees prefer to keep noise levels down while enhancing visual privacy. In fact, noise level and visual privacy has been ranked among the highest employee grievances at the workplace. So creating a furniture arrangement that takes care of every bodies needs will go a long way to boosting productivity.

2. Colour for Motivation

A lot of scientific studies have been conducted on the topic of environment and how it can affect mood. Colour is an influential factor and one that has been the subject of many studies. While the results of these studies may not all come to the same conclusion we do know that brightly coloured office furniture provokes enthusiasm, while cool colours bring about relaxation.

3. Proximity and Placement

Good office furniture is designed to look attractive whilst being practical. Practicality is when the furniture used has sufficient storage space and is organised in such a way that it is convenient to reach it and the content that is stored therein. Some employees procrastinate simply because the are not in control of their environment, If your filing cabinet is in the next room chances are you are not going to do a lot of filing. Keeping the items you use most in a cabinet close by is the more efficient use of space.

4. Standing desks for Health

Modern office furniture comes with adjustable-height tables and desks that let employees sit or stand while performing their duties. This option is often welcomed because sitting for longer periods of time is never healthy, plus the freedom to stand and burn calories accumulated during sitting will always do them a favour.

5. Furniture to Maximise Daylight

Research has discovered that employees working in windowless office spaces tend to have poor sleep quality at night that their counterparts working in windowed offices. This is according to a Northwestern University research conducted by Ivy Cheung. This may mean that furniture that allows maximum flow of natural light may be preferred compared to those which impede this natural flow.

6. Health-conscious office chairs

Lumbar and Postural alignment issues can be rectified by sitting on the right chair. This means giving employees an option to choose their next chair. This can be done by selecting 3 chairs and testing them in the office. The ultimate chair which feels right to sit on for most of them will definitely be considered the best one as far as their posture is concerned.

7. Reducing Clutter and Disorder

Stress and reduced productivity can be a result of clutter in the office. Effienciently designed offices make use of furniture that has built-in organisational features such as drawers and shelves to keep office items. Good furniture eliminates clutter, creating a cleaner and more efficient work environment.

Office furniture that provides practical functionality and visual appeal can be the difference between an office that lacks personality and a office that has character while encouraging productivity. Take a look at your office and make sure our office furniture is doing it’s best to provide an efficient and pleasant environment for your team.

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Quite important things that we should keep in mind to make sure our office furniture helps to boost the productivity. Some office furniture are really very essential that can help in make the office more specious and also helps in making the office more attractive.

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