How To Increase Your Focus and Get More Done

How To Increase Your Focus and Get More Done

Having a productive workday influences more than just your results. It can improve your mood, boost your confidence and motivate you to keep moving forward. Here are a few ways to increase your focus and get more done at work to generate consistent, productive days and set you on a path toward future success.

mental focus follows visual focus

When we restrict our visual focus we can bring more cognitive or mental focus. The reason for this is when we move our eyes to focus in front of us, it triggers the release of a number of hormones which allow us to focus. The more you can hold your gaze on a point, even better without blinking, the more focused and alert you will be. This will naturally help us block out distractions but you may need to take extra steps to reduce your workspace’s distractions, like keeping your space clutter-free and switching off notifications for email and other apps. We all have to take responsibility for our own focus, so choose wisely what you give your attention to. If you get distracted, don’t worry just notice it and bring your attention back to your priorities.

Set Small Goals Throughout the Day

Goals give you something to reach for, and they encourage you to establish a plan of action. They help you map out your day, giving you a guide to follow and keeping you on the right track. At the beginning of each day, set small goals and to-dos to tackle tasks that are pertinent to your workload.

On top of providing a plan to concentrate on, small goals increase your motivation. Being able to cross off items and complete goals boosts your dopamine and serotonin as you surround yourself with success, encouraging you to maintain the winning streak.

Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

Your office space affects your work. It can create obstacles or enhance your efficiency. Ergonomic furniture improves office productivity in many ways, from reducing fatigue to increasing focus. Good posture will support both your circulation and respiratory system. Sitting upright helps you breathe deeper, circulate more oxygen to your brain, sharpen your thinking, and calm your mind. Invest in good ergonomic furniture to turn your office into an efficient workspace.

Cater to Your Work Style

Everyone operates differently. What works for one person doesn’t always work for someone else. Understanding what you need to unlock your potential is really important to improve your chances of focus and productivity.

Some people work well in loud and busy environments, finding motivation in the hustle and bustle of their surroundings. Meanwhile, others find that same atmosphere to be overwhelming and distracting. Don’t’ put up with environments that don’t work for you. Communicate your needs, be true to yourself and make it work for you.

Breaks Improve Focus

Deliberate disengagement is an important part of staying focused. For years I thought the Pomodoro technique was ridiculous, thinking I could focus for a lot longer than 25 minutes. Then I tried it, and it definitely helped me write Productivity for Dummies while studying a Masters in Business. But I stopped using it not long after, why? Because there I times when I can focus for longer than 25 minutes, especially when I’m writing or doing something creative. What I also noticed is that I need breaks at different times depending on my mood and the task. Sometimes I’m unmotivated to do a task so using the pomodoro technique can work because I only have to focus for a short time before I can take a break. But if I’m writing I don’t want to disturb my flow so I keep going until I start to feel tired. Check out this video suggesting a new way to use the Pomodoro technique Progressive Pomodoro 

Andrew Huberman recommends using our Ultradian cycles when it comes to focus. Ultradian rhythms are biological cycles that occur during a day, Human adults have a core Ultradian rhythms of 90 minute so if we can leverage it will help us to focus.

Attention is critical to achieve your goals and realising your vision for the future. Take responsibility to make things work for you, you can increase your focus, productivity and energy with these tips. The more success you have the more motivated you will be.

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