Has Facebook Stunted Your Growth?

Has Facebook Stunted Your Growth

Has Facebook stunted your Growth?

No not your physical growth, I don’t expect you to be shorter from using the social media platform but maybe it’s preventing you from personal growth?

From leading a great life with great achievements and no regrets?

Maybe it’s not Facebook for you, maybe it’s TV or Instagram or online shopping but if you are human you probably have some type of time waster in your live preventing you from reaching all your goals. Something that sucks your precious time and gives you the impression that you don’t have time for your personal growth.

My Time Suck

Mine is TV or movies, when I’m tired I switch it on to distract my mind. I also pretend I’m spending time with the kids when we watch a movie together. But I recently realised I was letting it creep into most evenings. Rather than write or read I was sitting, often not even enjoying what I was watching or watching programs like Love/ Hate that disturb my mind and my sleep. ( I still plan to watch the season finale on Sunday!)

A while back I found myself complaining I didn’t have time to write book two, it has been on the back burner for two years as my life is busy! Yes I suffer from that complaint too. I keep telling myself I can’t do everything that I need to focus on my work so it kept getting out off. At a recent meeting with a friend he reminded me that there is always time for the things we really want to do. He also said the words “Ciara you of all people…..” He gave me the kick in the ass I needed and I identified 6 hours a week that I could write. I’ve now commit to the first draft by December 31st.

There is always time to do the things you really want to do.

You just have to make it a priority, give it precedence over TV, Facebook or Twitter.

What would you like to achieve that you just can’t find the time for? What is your time suck? Can you switch one hour a day over to achieving your goal?

The Real Deal

There are 168 hours in a week. If you sleep 7 hours a day that gives you 119 hours a week, take away 50 hours for work and commuting, leaves you with 69 hours a week to spend time with family and friends, exercise or work on your personal development.

Surely you can carve out a few hours for your goals?

So what could you still achieve this year? There are still 8 weeks to go before the end of the year. There is a lot you could achieve in that time. One hour a day for eight weeks adds up to 56 hours that you could have spent improving your self or working on your dreams.

So what will it be?

What would you like to spend 56 hours on before the end of 2014?

It will give you a great boost for 2015 to have started to work on a new habit or goal.

Get your thinking cap on and let me know what your time suck is and what you are going do instead for an hour a day?

Have a great week, the first of many.

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We all have activities that are preventing us from making the impact we want. In our families, in our jobs, in our spiritual communities … wherever.

Sometimes doing good work is the distraction. I (a bit far too often) find myself doing busy work on an important project that’s not contributing to my fulfillment or eventual impact. Facebook and social media didn’t get in the way. My family didn’t get in the way. I got in my way by thinking that working on something “good” was good enough.

P.S. How do I get on the advanced reader copy list for your upcoming book? 🙂

Great post! I had a FB addiction for a while, and finally quit for good a few months back. I’m also in the process of getting rid of my smartphone, which should help even more with productivity/focus!

Wow Saul I wish I had the courage to get rid of my smart phone, I’m not quite there yet! Best of Luck I’m sure your life will be better for it.

Your are on the list already Joel!! thanks for stopping by.

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