Section 5: Leadership and Productivity

Chaos to ControlI have always been of the opinion that effective leadership starts with effective organisation. In my past experiences the good bosses where the ones whose desks were clean, workload in control and they exuded calm and confidence.

With leadership comes responsibility. To manage this responsibility it is crucial to have an efficient workflow system so that all workload is managed effectively. We have all experienced the managers that were so disorganized and stressed that you wanted to do their job for them.

Lead by Example

To lead effectively you must lead by example.

Behave in the manner in which you would like your people to behave. To tell people to work harder, to produce more, to be more responsible, creative or organized, you must be all of those things, and in walking your talk you will foster loyalty and motivation.

Cost of Productivity

Studies have shown that unproductive individuals can cost a company money a lot of money. An unproductive leader can have an effect on a whole department; he can affect morale across his team and the wider company and cost the company a hell of a lot of money. This is why it is essential to take control of the managers and leaders and ensure that their behaviours and habits are having a positive effect on their people. There are a million ways in which a leader can affect the overall productivity of their team but you have to start by covering the basics.

My top 3 recommended habits for Good Leaders


From the top down the leader must lead efficiently, show example of the behaviours and habits he wants to encourage and promote. Personal efficiency helps to maintain high levels of performance without the negative effects of stress and overwhelm.


Most Leaders have a regular habit of exercise as Steven Covey says in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Sharpen the Saw”. Rejuvenate the body and mind. Exercise is a habit that highly successful people all share. It increases energy, promotes well-being and helps reduce stress. No excuses get out there and get active.


High levels of emotional intelligence and empathy usually make for a good leader. A leader needs to show care for his team. The team must feel valued for who they are and what they do. Part of being a good leader is to elicit greatness from people. Bring out their best talents and foster their creativity. An empathetic leader is a better leader.

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