How to be Productive with The 3-Hour Work Day

This is a guest post from Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results

Running a business demands your time, focus and attention. Being a parent is a full time job. Bring the two together and you have a recipe for working round the clock! When I started my business, I knew it was going to be difficult – little did I realise how hard it would be to build a business with a little person at home. Add in another little person and woah! This is serious time pressure.

How can you get things done in your business whilst caring for your family? I work from home and have about 3 hours each day to work in my business. I have a confession – I have tiny time for my business but it hasn’t stopped me from getting BIG results.

How is that possible?

I work between 10am and 1pm (when little man is at crèche). Baby is either with me or hubby during those 3 hours. This has been a learning curve and I want to share with you the 3 things I’ve learnt my business must have in place for it to thrive. These 3 things allow me to be there for my children and help me create the income we want.

Tiny Time Ingredient #1: Clarity

One of the biggest challenges people face is not knowing where they should focus their energy and efforts. In business, you could be working on hundreds of projects simultaneously because you’re always thinking of new ideas. You could be trying to appeal to a broad group of people (and therefore attracting none). You could be trying to get to grips with all forms of social media and master nothing.
Confusion is not pretty. It’s distracting and it’s not profitable (trust me, I know!)
With only 3 hours in the day to get business things done, I’ve learnt to narrow my focus. When you have tiny time with your business, you need to get really clear on what your business does, who it serves and how you add value … and do nothing else!
I know that can be hard to do but you don’t have the luxury of time and even if you had oodles and oodles of time, you still need to be laser-like with your precision. That’s how businesses flourish.

Tiny Time Ingredient #2: Structure

Chaos is a great enemy of tiny time. Chaos means you’re trying to squeeze everything in. You might be snatching 10 minutes here or 5 minutes there. Nobody can be effective like this. Many do it but they won’t get the results they could or the results they deserve. You might have started the business hoping for flexibility. The reality is having a structure and a discipline is the key to having flexibility. Sounds counter-intuitive but it works!

Tiny Time Ingredient #3: Momentum

To get big results, you need to build momentum in your business. It’s like pushing the proverbial boulder up a hill. Once you reach the top and over to the other side, you don’t have to expend as much effort but the trick is to get it up the hill in the first place. To do this, you need the first two ingredients (clarity and structure) and then you need to keep going. As Newton’s First Law states: “An object in motion stays in motion”

Food for Thought

When you have tiny time, it’s easy to get distracted and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Make sure you are clear on what you want to achieve, you have a structure and you’re always building momentum. That’s how you get big results from tiny time!

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