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Classical MusicI recently passed by a father with his two young children in a pushchair. The sound of classical music was coming from somewhere in the pushchair. I was moved, what a wonderful idea, why did I never think of that when my children were small? Last night I got into a friend’s car and LyricFm our local classical music radio station was playing on her car radio. This morning I got into my husband’s car and Lyric Fm was playing on the car radio. Hmm is there a message in this for me?

At Work

How about playing classical music while you work? According to a study that was carried out by Stanford University “The Rewards of Music Listening: Response and Physiological Connectivity of the Mesolimbic System,” listening to classical music provides physiological rewards. Blood flow increases to several brain areas, while another area of the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that affects mood and the ability to feel pleasure. This dopamine release, occurring as the other brain areas interact, allows a heightened sense of well-being. How would this affect our productivity and ability to deliver high quality work on time? If you could sit calmly with a heightened sense of wellbeing and calm, I think it could be significant.

At Home

My youngest boys are 6 and 7, they are challenging to put it politely, amazing, talented, funny, smart, cute little boys, but they do push my boundaries. We consciously played more classical music for them when they were small. I don’t’ think the Mozart effect was ever proven but the fact that soft classical music can help to slow down the heart rate and create a sense of well-being and comfort is undisputed. Listening to some types of classical music can also uplift the mood. It’s time to switch back on the stereo and pull back out those classical CD’s and load them onto the iPods. Maybe bedtime stories could be replaced by classical music for a while, they say music can tame the wildest of beasts, maybe I should give it a go on mine!

On the Move

What about using classical music on the commute to work, whether you travel by car or by public transport, classical music can help to relax the body and start the day in a more positive way. Early morning traffic can be stressful and not a good way to start the week. By introducing music into this time, it will keep your mind off the mundane journey and help you to arrive to work calm and ready to get stuck into your job. If you travel by public transport, an iPod can turn those boring journey into an opportunity to relax and be mindful.

So I’ve decided this week I am going to play classical music every day. I will play some in the mornings while I work from home. I will have it playing in the afternoons when the children come home from school, and I will also play it in the car when I travel to and from a job. Let’s see how the lingering stress from last week behaves when it is crushed by Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi.

I will let you know how I get on.

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I have heard about the Mozart Effect. What I wonder this morning is whether other forms of soft music are equally effective — no way to know since they have not been studied. Enjoy your classical week. — Sharyn

Hi Sharyn, I believe it was something to do with music sequences that regularly repeat that have the greatest effect on the brain, that’s why Mozart was singled out. They say all classical music benefits the brain in some way whether it is greater calm or increased IQ. My personal experiment is going well, the household is in Harmony, too soon to tell if it is coincidental but I’m pleasantly confident this just might work ! Will keep you informed.

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