How Tweeting can improve your Personal Productivity

TweetingSo Twitter addicts did I get your attention?

Which type of tweet could it be?

Which one will make me more productive?

The answer I’m afraid is none of the ones you will post on Twitter. There is another type of tweet that can make you more productive if you allow it to, and that is the tweet of a bird. But first let us take a look at the meaning of productivity.

What is Productivity?

Productivity is getting more done, it’s achieving more output per unit of input, in other words, most people would like to get more done with the same time input or preferably in less time input. Some skeptics think this is not possible, how can you possibly do more? Most people are doing as much as they can already, doing any more would be like the proverbial blood from a stone. But of course it’s not simply about doing more, it’s about doing more of the right things.

Do the right thing

Are you working on the right thing? How do we know the right thing to work on? It’s easy to know what you should be working on if you have clearly defined goals. This is why goal setting is an important part of productivity. It’s essential to know what your goals are, to know what you are trying to achieve in order to know if the work you are busy with is the right work. If you have a presentation due for next month and a proposal due for next week, are you being productive if you start working on the presentation first? Seems obvious but when the time frame is not so diverse and sometimes the objectives not so clear, we often chose the wrong thing to do.


So in order to figure out what to be doing at the right time, it’s all about prioritization, No? No it’s all about common sense and knowing what you goals are. Creating a schedule helps you to visualize time scales which makes it easier to see what work needs to be done, how much time you estimate you will need and whether it needs to be done now or yesterday.


One of the most important elements of productivity is capturing all the work that needs to get done. A calendar or diary will allow you to record all of your tasks and appointments, reducing the burden on your brain to remember. If your work is organized and scheduled it frees your mind to be more creative and focused.


How to stay focused is one of the major problems people face in our hectic world of information overload and technological dominance. Every day we are bombarded with inputs from all angles. Phones, computers, TV and radio constantly sending us more and more data to be digested and explored. Remaining focused with all this sensory input is a modern challenge we all face. Discipline is required to be able to switch off and not be tempted by the constant bombardment of communication.

Back to the Tweeting

So back to the birds and the tweets. How can bird song help you to be more productive? Whether it is bird song or the wind, or the rustle of the leaves, nature is a great way to relax and de-stress. Being in a relaxed state is a powerful way to gain clarity and focus in your life. Go for a walk in a park or along the beach, notice how your body relaxes and little by little de-stresses. Using walking as a form of mindfulness can also help to increase focus. Mindfulness and meditation are powerful for freeing the mind of negative and stressful thoughts.

So this week try to listen to more real tweets than being the tweeter. Twitter is a great way to connect and spread your message but remember it is only one component of your business strategy. The more real tweets you listen to, the more relaxed and focused you will be, helping you to more easily attain the goal of stress free productivity.

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Excellent reminders, Ciara, as usual. I’m afraid the thing I am best at on your list is listening to the birds tweet (I don’t “tweet” or “twitter” at all)

Then you are a step ahead of the rest of us Sharyn! Have a great day

I use to tweet my new blog/post and it is indeed true that twitter can help drive traffic by connecting to your fellow twitter addict…

Thanks Joseph, I do find twitter great for connecting but I also find it distracts me from my writing.

It is indeed true,you’ll get more focus if your mind is relax and fresh. Twitter can not distracts if you set time to connect with your twitter followers.

Thanks David, it’s true we need to have a set time for social media and email otherwise it can absorb the whole day

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