7 Productivity Habits that Rocked my World

Productivity Rocked My World: sounds like a bold statement but it’s true. Since my introduction to leading a more organised and planned existence, my life has transformed. I was christened into a concept that had been alien to me up until then. You couldn’t have convinced me in a million years that routines, structure and schedules could be earth shattering, but I tell you again that it’s true. It has been the adoption of productive habits that has allowed me to run a business, write a blog, write and publish my book, study and raise three gorgeous boys. It is the adoption of these habits that has changed my life from Mess to Success, from Chaos to Control

1.Rising Early

The first habit was the habit of rising early, all the greats do it. Rising early allows you to fit it all in. As a business owner, a working parent and a human being overloaded with information and constant connectivity, you know how difficult it can be to find time for all the things you have to do, and even more difficult to find the time for the things you would love to do. Getting up early gives you that time. It allows you to create time where you thought there was none. It creates space to fit it all in.

2. Exercise

One of the habits that rising early allowed me to fit is was exercise. I love to exercise in the morning it sets me up for the day. Exercise as we all know has a multitude of benefits., It energizes, de-stresses and increases our sense of wellbeing, and of course it is also Richard Branson’s number one Productivity Tip!

3. Mind Download

Getting it all out of your head is a great way to declutter and destress the mind and also makes for a great start to any week. Most of us go around with so many tasks responsibilities, dreams and ideas in our mind that we have little space left for processing or for being creative. Get it all out on paper and then organised the stuff you have to do into your calendar for date/time specific actions or into your task manager for non date/time specific.

4. Scheduling

The old phrase stands true, “what gets scheduled gets done” Commit to the things you want to do by scheduling time for them in your diary or calendar. Your calendar is not just for meetings and appointment it’s for scheduling time for yourself to fit in the things you want to do or have to do.

5. Evernote.com

Evernote didn’t start out as a task manager but it’s evolving to become one of the most powerful ones. Evernote allow you to capture everything and have a place to store everything. Ideas, tasks, notes, goals. All organised in an assessable way. Compatibility with all devices means you can have your notes available to you at all times where ever you are.

6.Inbox Zero

Once you have a system set up clearing your inbox regularly is a whole lot easier. You now have a place to put all of the tasks that come your way through email and it is possible to get to inbox zero. Inbox zero is a liberating experience. Taking back the control empowers. Switch off email notifications, set your email program to open on your calendar by default you will immediately feel the benefit.

7. The Weekly Review

To tie it all together you must take time out each week to work on your system and not in your system. That time is the Weekly Review. The weekly review should be a repetitive task that is carried out at the same time each week. I recommend that it is done on a Friday before you knock off for the weekend. Spend some time catching up with all the notes, receipt and to dos that haven’t be entered into your system. Add stuff to your calendar for the coming week, get your inbox to zero so that you know you haven’t missed anything during the week. Check back over last week’s calendar and tasks and anything that hasn’t been done gets shifted into next week. By doing this you will hit the ground running on Monday and have a relaxed and productive week.

If you want to learn more about these productive habit you can sign up for Get Set for Success, my 7 week online training course that will help you to identify and set your goals and give you the positive and productive habits to allow you to achieve them.

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Would love to know how to set up my email to open automatically. Any tips on that? Thanks for this!!

Hi Lee, you can get a program to start automatically when your computer boots up by putting it in the start up folder. Here is a link to a lifehacker article which hopefully will cover what you want. http://lifehacker.com/5829375/how-to-start-a-program-automatically-when-your-computer-boots

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