Are you at the Helm or Bobbing on the Waves?

Man at the Helm by Theo Van Rysselberghe
Peace, calm, organized and in control? I suppose you are wondering if that describes me ? Well I’m hoping that it will soon describe you! These are the states that we all strive for, but why do so many of us not experience this state of control? Why do we react when the wind blows rather than be prepared for the gust that will come?

The world recession has forced many businesses into reactive mode, as one day after the next they respond to another problem or crisis. I have been told time and again by companies that the world is too volatile; there is no time to stop and get organized. At a number of business meetings recently I have been made to feel naive for suggesting enhanced efficiency as a way to move forward. When the world is in crisis there is no time for streamlining processes and planning and scheduling? Is that what these people really believe?

How long can we continue in reactive mode? Surely one of the waves will be too big to react to and we will sink in our reactive tub?

I disagree with this viewpoint because I believe in planning, I believe in taking control, I believe in being the one who calls the shots and steers my ship, as this is how we get things done.

I have experienced the reality and the benefits of taking control. I know that planning and scheduling rather than waiting to respond is what will take us out of the mess we find ourselves in. I have felt the advantages of being in charge of my day and my life and I have seen the changes in me, my life and my work life as a result of working more efficiently.

If you become more focused and take control of your world and world of work here are a few simple suggestions

Clear the Clutter

A clear environment can give you a great sense of control, when everything has been allocated a place, you will feel a greater sense of calm to know all is under control. (Check out my free eBook Clear the Clutter – Find your Life)

Schedule and Plan your week in advance

Planning the week in advance ensures that your tasks will get done, it allows you to see realistically what you can achieve by allocating time slots for each activity. If there is too much for the week’s schedule you then know you will have to delegate or defer to the following week.

Turn off all email notifications on both your computer and your phone.

There is nothing worse for productivity than constant distractions; You will never achieve a state of focus if your mind is pulled away every time you receive a message of some sort.

Batch Emails to process

Only process your emails at allocated times during the day. Do not use your email as a To Do list. Take control of your email and stop working in reactive mode.

Following these simple steps could be enough to give you an extra days holiday a year (that is of course if you are your own boss!)

Good Luck

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