Celebrating the Highlights of 2012

While most of you prepare for the hectic holidays, I prepare myself for 2013.
I love goal setting, I love the endless possibilities it brings.
Each Year I set five Goals, one of which will be my core focus for the year.

In 2011 my core focus was to get published, I got a publishing deal in the summer of 2011

In 2012 my core focus was success ……. Below is the year that followed


I set my five goals for 2013. They included to be successful in all that I do.


Holiday in South Africa to celebrate my wonderful father in law’s 70th birthday. What a holiday!

Happy Birthday Almero
Happy Birthday Almero

Final Proof of the book to be reviewed.


Guest Post Planning with Kids A great Australian parenting blog run by Master Organizer Nicole Avery


Chaos to Control Launched by Gavin Duffy (Dragon’s Den) in Skerries Mills,
Interviewed by Ryan Tubridy on Radio 2

Chaos to Control Launched by Gavin Duffy

Got my first article published in the Journal.ie Stop Putting Things off; 7 Tips to avoid Procrastination
Interview on LMFM with Gerry Kelly


Interviews on Near FM and Dublin South City FM
Became an Affiliate for Daniel Gold’s Productivity Books


Started Filming for Get Set For Success, 7 Weeks to a Happier and More Organised you
Interview on Newstalk Tom Dunne show
Chaos to Control on the shelves.


My first TV3 appearance on The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin
I was a speaker at Network Ireland Conference
Reached the Final of Blog Awards Ireland
Interviewed on Dublin City FM by Veronica Canning
Won the Ladies doubles (with my partner) in my clubs yearly championships

Network Ireland
Positively Getting Things Done at Network Ireland Conference

Interviewed by my favourite DJ (maybe the highlight of the year!) Dave Fanning
Launched Get Set for Success, 7 Weeks to a Happier More organised you.

Interview with Dave Fanning 2FM
Interview with Dave Fanning 2FM

ciaraconlon.com reached 1K subscribers
Appeared on RTE’s Today show as a panelist and TV3 morning show to debate an article I wrote in the journal.ie

Today Show RTE
Today Show RTE

ADDED BONUS: Met Sonia O’Sullivan Ireland’s great Olympian

Sonia O’Sullivan and Ciara Conlon on RTE’s Today Show

Contacted by Newstalk All about Business to do interview (will let you know when scheduled)

I’m sure there is lots I’ve forgotten about and lots I haven’t included like meeting Irish Blogger Benny Lewis of Fluent in 3 months while we both waited to be interviewed by Fionn Davenport on Newstalk. But this years has been filled with what success means to me. I have new clients and friends from all over the world, I have proof that you can be a Irish woman who starts out knowing nothing about blogging and make a career from it.

I have worked with and met wonderful people. I have partnered with Lottie Hearn from Pressplay presentations to deliver our course Get Set for Success. Without her it would still be an inanimate object saved on my hard drive somewhere. Lottie has helped me to achieve a dream, she has become my business partner and a really good friend. All that came from a phone call that I was unsure if I was going to make!

Goal Setting

The summary of this is that Goal Setting Works, whether your goals are big or small, by focusing on them positively and taking the steps in the right direction you can and will achieve your goals.

To some what I achieved will seem enormous to others minor events. This is because we are all different and our lives are meant for different things. If you set goals that are right for you, not ones that you think you should have, you will achieve the right type of success more quickly.
Below are some more of my highlights from 2012 (I sure did have fun putting this together)

Highlights of 2012

Your Success

If you would like to be celebrating a year of Success next year, join me and other proactive people to work towards your greater happiness and success.

My 7 week course Get Set for Success is designed to help you get organized so that you can think clearly about what you want to achieve. It will give you the steps and techniques to go get whatever it is you want.
I have decided to offer myself into the package this time so if you are interested in getting coached personally by me, and want to give yourself a life-long gift of a “Happier More Organised You” sign up for Get Set For Success Now!

Go quickly as there are only 10 spaces available for private coaching and if you sign up before 31st of December you will get almost 50% off. click here to read more

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Comments (14)

Congratulations Ciara. What an amazing year you have had.

Thanks Nicole it has been wonderful and only after putting together this post did I realise it may just have been my best yet!

Wowie Ciara! What a year you had and well deserved. You certainly walk the walk about setting priorities and goals. Note to self: Set specific goals and roadmap how to achieve them. Congratulations and I loved the photos.

If I can be as creative as you this year Jane I will be a happy woman 🙂

Wow, talk about following through!

What a great year Ciara, and I’m not surprised at all. Congratulations on all your successes!

I’m hoping to put some of the goal setting skills I learned in your course into action and follow your lead in 2013.

Thanks Dave, good luck with all your goals, may all your wildest dreams come true in 2013

Ciara – what a good year you had 🙂
Wish you even betterf one in 2013. you rock!

Thanks Ani, next year will be fantastic in a more relaxed way. A bit more writing and a little less work! Hope yours is great too

What an exciting year you’ve had Ciara! Definitely inspires me to set some serious, yet fun and relaxed goals for 2013!

Seems like you’ve had a fantastic year Ms. Conlon!

Are you bragging or inspiring ;)?

Thanks Amit, not bragging, predominantly celebrating and delighted if it is inspires!

Congratulations for a great year!

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