Why Does Productivity Matter?



Many people think productivity is just about getting more work done, that it benefits the organisations we work in rather than the individuals who work there.  Here are a number of ways becoming more productive can impact you, your life on a more personal level.

Improving work‐life balance

Probably one of the chief reasons people buy self‐help books is to improve their work‐life balance. They feel overwhelmed with too much to do or not enough time to spend with family or friends. Becoming more organised and productive is a great way to improve your work‐life balance and help you figure out what merits your time and attention. When you understand what is important to you in your life, you can work toward changing the things that need to change.

Reducing personal stress

Increased productivity usually results in a reduction in stress. When people figure out how to work more effectively and manage their time and energy better, they tend to benefit from a feeling of control and reduced stress. Feeling organised means you no longer have to worry about things you need to do or would like to do. You’ll have a system to look after all of your tasks and dreams and goals. Taking charge will help you to feel like you’re driv- ing your life forward rather than being pulled in too many directions.

Doing a better job

Productive employees tend to have more time for strategic thinking time and innovation. Only when you’re relaxed and in control of your day to day can you take the time to visualise something better. Productivity usually leads to more creativity, innovation and enhanced performance helping you to improve your career prospects.

Making time for creativity

Many people think that productivity and creativity are at opposite sides of the court. They think that organised, productive people aren’t creative. This is not the case. The more productive I become, the more peaceful my mind becomes. If I have all the boring stuff organised and taken care of, I can free my mind to be more creative. Stress caused by disorganisation will negatively affect creativity. Productivity paves the way for creativity to bloom.

Making time for strategic thinking

Many senior managers complain of not having enough time in their day. The problem is that they prioritise badly, giving the daily tasks priority over the more important big‐picture work. Managers need strategic thinking time. If you’re disorganised and stressed with your workload, this time will rarely come. When you get organised and start to prioritise effectively, you’ll have more time to focus on the important stuff like strategic thinking.

Improving your quality of life

Many things may need to change in your life  your relationships, your work or even the time you spend with yourself. Getting organised is a great first step to making changes in your life. Getting organised helps you to see clearly what you want from your life. When you have this clarity, you can introduce systems that will help you to achieve more order. With the right attitude and habits, you can maintain a relaxed, organised calm in all areas of your life. If that sounds good to you, read on.


Ciara Conlon is the author of ‘Productivity for Dummies’ and ‘Chaos to Control’, a Productivity Expert, Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker, located in Dublin, Ireland

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