Productivity in the workplace with Bob

Bob Marley
Bob Marley
I’m a Bob Marley fan; I love his simple lyrics that can evoke thought and feeling. This morning as I was writing I had Bob playing in the background (I stray from Classical every now and again!). As his great hit “One Love” played, I thought about the lyrics and how his words could help with workplace productivity.

One Love

If we are to start by encouraging workers to accept and respect each other wouldn’t this inspire harmony and reduce conflict. An environment where leadership respects and supports will foster a healthy one for all. Leading by example with positivity and empathy, will show the way and most likely motivate others to do the same.

One Heart

The Heart of an organization is its people. Therefore it is essential that the workers are happy and kept motivated for productivity to remain high. There are many ways to motivate employees but usually the simpler ones remain the best. Leaders should always remember that by keeping employees happy and creating a better work environment they are ultimately creating a stronger company.

• Respect and recognition remain high on the list. If an employee feels valued he or she is much more likely to work hard.

• Listening to their opinions and desires will not only gain respect and loyalty but there may also be some good ideas which might drive the organization forward.

• Empathy from management is also important to an employee, if the workplace is a place of support and encouragement, employees will want to be there

• Learn and grow; most people like to evolve and grow, the workplace should allow for personal growth and development.

One Song

The old expression “singing from the same hymn sheet” is still regularly used as too often people are singing their own song and not the one they should be singing. A well communicated mission and strategy will keep employees singing the right song. Effective communication in the workplace should come from the top where management encourage and show good example. Often organisations keep too much information from the lower tiers of employees. Being aware of the company’s mission and the part they play in achieving it can be a great motivator. Great companies share their goals and mission with all member of the organization.


Playing music in the workplace can also boost performance. Personal music can help to reduce stress and drown out distracting office noise. Music can boost mood and will usually create more job satisfaction. Depending on what you want to achieve different genres of music may be better. If focus and concentration are required classical music can be the best, if its energy and motivation you seek, maybe reggae will do the job.

If we can apply these words from Bob in the workplace, I think it will make for a happier, healthier place for one and all.

One Love

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If I ever worked in a place where I was expected to “sing the same song” as everyone else I would quit straightaway — employers don’t own you: they just pay for your time.

Hi Sharyn, what I meant by “singing the same song” is that the employees should know what their organization’s goals are and be working towards them. Too often due to lack of communication employees aren’t sure what the priorities are and waste time working on the wrong things.

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