How to stay motivated when the chips are down

Lacking the motivation to keep going is a common complaint in today’s economy. Times are tough and incentive wanes as we become accustomed to doing twice the work for half the return. I recently facilitated a workshop where I was bombarded by negativity and a large helpful of blame thrown in. So how do we stay inspired and remain enthusiastic about what we have to do?

How do we stop looking for scapegoats and other people to blame for our circumstances and our lives? Here is a couple of things to try.

1. Gratitude

A great starting point is Gratitude. Gratitude allows us to see the glass half full by reinforcing the positive aspects of our lives. Make a Gratitude list of all that is good in your life all the things that you can truly say you are grateful for. Your family, your friends, your health, your limbs, your sight etc. You will find when you start to do this it is very difficult to be unhappy or depressed when you realize that you have so much. Once you have made this list place it in a position that you will see daily. I have mine above my writing desk and I look at it regularly it gives me that kick when I’m feeling sorry for myself that things aren’t so bad at all!

2. Seek out your inspirational friend

I have many wonderful friends and they rank highly on my gratitude list. Friends are a wonderful thing, especially the ones that don’t judge and just listen. You don’t need friends that tell you what to do, only you have your own answers but what you do need from a friend is a person who supports and encourages you with your decisions. I have a friend who always manages to motivate me regardless of whether I was in good form or low, she will make me want to raise the bar. She reminds me regularly of my achievements and my successes. She reminds me of all I can achieve and that through it all she is there for me. No negativity, no judgements just pure solid friendship.

3. Stop Playing Victim

We do it all the time, very often without realizing; I was late because of the traffic. I got angry because he led me to it. I shouted because they were bold, I would exercise daily but I’m too tired when I get home from a hard day at the office. I am perfect but all that surrounds me prevents me from doing what I would really like to do. STOP, if you really want to be happy you can no longer play the victim of circumstance. You need to take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others. Try it you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

4. Read motivational material

If you want to stay motivated we all know to avoid the media, because no matter how great and motivated you felt when you got up, as soon as you start to listen or read the news your happy gauge will slip slightly. The infinite possibilities that surrounded you at daybreak will start to reduce, and each time the negativity and depressing stories hit you the gauge will fall more, and by the time you go to bed, the gauge is empty and you feel deflated and miserable.
Avoid the news and start surrounding yourself with upbeat motivational material. There are great books, magazines and websites that can help you to stay positive. Two of my favorite sources on Facebook are Positively Positive and Dodinsky’s Garden of Thought. Read them.

5. Things can only get better

When I am blue and I can’t see the light, from some cavernous place in my brain the tune from D:Ream hums in my head. “Things, can only get better, can only get better……….”.
Want to be reminded of the tune ?

TAKE NOTE and remember that your thinking can affect your reality, so to make sure things can only get better, inhale and absorb the positivity and optimism that surrounds you and keep on singing!

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