6 Tips To Stay Motivated and Productive During the Workday

6 Tips To Stay Motivated and Productive During the Workday

Do you ever find yourself feeling lethargic and uninspired to work? No matter how much you try, you can’t get yourself to complete the work that needs completing. If you’re struggling to stay motivated and productive, here are some tips to implement during the workday.

Create Small Goals

When big projects feel overwhelming and out of reach, setting smaller interim goals helps you to make progress. The big goal becomes more attainable and makes you feel like you’re accomplishing more throughout the day. Schedule the smaller goals into your calendar committing to the smaller parts will help you to see your progress and feel good about it.

Reward Yourself

Every project should have a reward. When you frequently achieve those goals, you feel more energised and motivated to work toward the next task!

Rewards can range from a cup of coffee or taking a walk down the street for some fresh air. Discover which rewards resonate with you. It will maximise productivity and keep your motivation high during the workday.

Implement Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are a great way to get motivated and get out of a funk. This can be done sitting at your desk or go for a short walk. You can listen to a recording or simple take deep breaths, and repeat the positive phrases in your mind. “I am confident”, “I am calm”, “I am capable” Whatever words you need to hear, keep a list of the affirmations by your desk, in your notebook or on a note on your phone. It’s a healthy way to cleanse the mind and keep you in a positive headspace while working.

Establish a Comforting Workspace

A desk that doesn’t feel like your own can make you feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. However, when you take the time to add your personal flair, it creates a more appealing environment.

Some people like to add photographs to their desk. Use personalised pens and notebooks or customise their computer’s home screen. You could keep a small plant,  like a succulent by your computer to suggest a hint of nature indoors. Small changes will increase your enjoyment and create a comforting workspace to increase your productivity.

Learn Your Most Productive Times of the Day

Do you feel most productive the moment you step into the office and feel sluggish after lunch? We all have a natural energy cycle that makes us productive at different times of the day.

Discovering when you are most productive is an efficient way to set up your goals for the week. If you’re more productive in the afternoon, that’s when you should tackle a tough project that may require more of your focus.

Use “Do Not Disturb” Features on Your Computer

Sometimes, emails and group chats become distracting. It causes your mind to stray from your current task and prevents you from finishing your original task.

There are a couple of ways to signal to your coworkers that you don’t want any notifications or conversations. First, you can schedule time on your calendar to alert everyone that you’re busy. Next, you can change your icon to “Busy” or “Do Not Disturb.”

Rather than become distracted and bombarded with messages, you can focus on your personal goals during those time frames.

When you find ways to implement these tips and become more productive throughout the workday, it could be a sign to  your boss that you’re ready for a promotion!

take regular breaks

You’ve heard it before that breaks fuel productivity but what they also give us is an opportunity to increase our dopamine levels which is a natural motivator. There are many ways in which the body can get dopamine, caffeine and chocolate are the ways most people are used to but these are not lasting sources. Exercise, sunlight and social connection are forms that we could get on a break from work.

Overall it’s important to understand yourself, what works and what doesn’t work. Staying motivated and productive requires you to take responsibility to do the things that you know work for you. Implement some of these tips during the workday and you will easily stay focused and motivated.

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