4 Weeks to Freedom: How to Break through your Limits


Wouldn’t it be nice to live life on your own terms?

To be free to do what you want any old time…..



But most of us don’t feel free, we feel restricted, held back and stuck. While the past couple of months haven’t helped, it’s more than Covid that keeps us stuck.

Maybe you feel restricted by money, restricted by family, restricted by work, or restricted by your past emotions and failures. These are valid reasons to feel stuck, but often we are the ones creating our own restrictions.

For many years I felt restricted, limited and stuck. 

I thought that’s just the way it was. I thought I was limited by my personality, that I had to live with the hand I had been dealt.

I also thought I shouldn’t complain as I was luckier than most.

But I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t being honest with myself and I certainly didn’t feel free. 

Over the past ten years I have learned that we are not doomed by our dna nor are we prisoners of our personalities. 

If I continued to believe that I would still be the chaotic, disorganised, angry, self pitying, frustrated procrastinator that I was for most of my life.

You see we get to choose.

We can choose to remain negative and frustrated and accept the parts of our behaviour or personalities that we don’t like or don’t make us happy or we can choose freedom….

I started out in life very disorganised, incapable of completing projects or achieving goals.

Today I blast through my work each day, focused, aligned and motivated to get things done. 

I used to think I had to work every hour available because life is a struggle – 

Today I lead a balanced existence with time for family, friends and plenty of extra time to spend on myself. 

I used to believe that life happened to me and I had no control over the quality of my life.

Today I know that I am designer of my own life and that the results that I get are within my control.

And no it’s not a Hollywood movie, it is a real possibility for you too but you have to uncover what you are currently telling yourself about your life.


change is possible if you believe it is possible.


People often think change is difficult, that it requires rigid discipline or unforgiving routines but it doesn’t have to. Although you will make this true for yourself if you are fighting against your beliefs.

You can try and work towards any change but if you believe you are going to fail you most likely are. If you believe it will be a struggle, it will be. If you believe that you will master the change but drop it again in a couple of months then guess what? that is exactly what will happen.

Your beliefs determine your potential, so it is crucially important than you become aware of them.

Becoming Conscious

It all starts with becoming conscious. Bringing your negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs into the light so you can challenge and replace them with more supportive, uplifting thoughts and beliefs. When you have supportive beliefs around what you are capable of you can start to create some positive habits that will allow you to achieve anything you put your mind to.

For the past ten years I have been working on changing my life. I figured out that my daily habits needed to change if I wanted to become happier and more successful. But I believed I was crap at habits and I had an aversion to routine.

So I became a student of habit, desperately looking for a solution for my severe repulsion of any routine and structure. Up until then I had assumed I was simply born different, it was in my dna. The gene expression for crap at habits was definitely turned on so I thought I needed to accept that I was doomed to a life of under achievement and failure. 

I can laugh about it now but it was having a debilitating effect on my life and little by little I was sinking into depression. Fortunately for me I am stubborn and knew that there must be a solution out there somewhere. I read every book, watched every YouTube video and gradually I started to make some progress. 

I learned the science behind habit formation and the more I learned the more I realised that my limitations were set by me. I too could have good habits if it was something that I really wanted for myself. 



I share everything I learnt over the years in my 28 Day Habit Programme where I teach how to become aware of and shed the beliefs that have kept you stuck and then I give them a step by step process to create new positive habits that will help you transform your life in just 28 Days. 

What will your life look like in 28 days if you don’t take action, now imagine what it could be like if you do?

I want to share with you the feeling of freedom when you take control of your life, and see how easy it is to achieve any goal.


In just 28 days you will learn how to break out of bad patterns of behaviour and create more positive habits aligning you towards your freedom.

Next intake is Sept 14th, 



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