I Thought I had it Figured out!


I normally write my blog posts on the days I feel good, when I’m inspired, motivated and energetic. This morning is not like that and unfortunately there have been a few too many similar mornings.

I’m feeling disorganised and I’m not in control. Any of you who know me know that I am not a naturally organised person, chaos and disorder follow me like a lost puppy but as you will also know I’ve spent the last ten years sorting that out. Using systems, employing tools and creating habits to take that natural turmoil and put manners on it and most of the time it works.

But I’ve Lost my Way

I have about ten notebooks on the go, My evernote has become big and unruly and my task management would be put to shame by my three item shopping list on the fridge.

What Went Wrong??

In my defence we moved house over the summer. We have temporarily moved into a small cottage which involves holding our breath to fit in. Well at least holding our breath when we pass one another and constantly telling the dog to move! So with the move came a number of challenges but it also knocked me off centre.

My instinct was to hide this fact as being a productivity expert this is pretty embarrassing. My systems aren’t working and productivity is low but then I realised that it’s not the systems that aren’t’ working it’s the operator who has abandoned the systems and stepped into victim mode.

Yes I’ve admitted it, there it is I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’m tired after the house move and a little frustrated that I don’t have my own space to write and work as I’m currently using the kitchen table. I have chosen not to make it work.

When I get overwhelmed I tend to spend all my time organising my stuff or thinking I’m making progress, I tell myself I need to catch up on my email and clean up my notes and folders but what really happens is a bit like this

  • Clear down some email find something shiny and get distracted
  • Clear another bit, transfer some tasks to Evernote and get distracted organising notes in Evernote
  • Write another list and make another plan in a new fresh notebook so that I feel organised
  • Look for the other notebook where I took some notes yesterday and sit down and cry.

Ok so I’m exaggerating my disorder hasn’t brought me to tears; yet.


It’s happened, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, move on!

So here’s what I’ve started to do.

There are twelve weeks before the end of the year, what do I need to achieve to feel productive and in control again?

I chose 3 goals:

  1. My online training Academy launched
  2. Grow my Corporate Training Business
  3. Research and Plan my next Book

I broke down these goals into smaller goals by doing a mind map for each one. Then I scheduled the next item to be done on each goal.

Now I have some structure, I have movement.

Most of us already know what we need to do, we have the knowledge but we fail to execute. We feed ourselves some line about being tired, being too busy or too cluttered to focus on our goals and dreams.

But you and I know it’s not going to happen unless you make it happen. There really is no time for feeling sorry for yourself, there is only time for raising yourself and bettering yourself. Life passes quickly and if we don’t’ make every day, every month and every year count we will only have regrets.

Falling off the wagon happens, even to the best of us 😉 Draw a line in the sand, step over it and move on into a more positive future.

Understand the Resistance

You may be feeling some resistance, if you are feeling resistance, write down what the voice in your head is saying. What is it telling you that you are happy to listen to? What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back from becoming your best self? A lot of the time we feed ourselves with lines that indicate that our lives are happening to us and that we are not in control of the outcome.Well this is bullshit!

You are in control of both your thoughts and your life’s happiness. The choices you make determine the level of happiness and success you can achieve. Your current circumstances are irrelevant, your will and determination are what’s relevant.

So time to dust ourselves off and start taking continuous action.

If you need some help getting organised and reaching your goals watch out for my Productive Life Design course launching soon…..

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Keep me posted on Productive Life Design Course.

Will do Niamh, i will have the details posted by the end of the month, it’s very exciting!

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