Morning Rituals To Energise and Motivate You

morning rituals

For years I struggled to create the habit of rising early, culminating in writing a book to help me figure it out. Since I made my morning rituals part of my life it has helped increase my productivity, positivity, and happiness. I’ve also noticed over the years how my morning routine has positively impacted my physical and mental well-being. Below, are five invigorating morning rituals to energize and motivate you as you start your day.

Early Rise for a Calm Start

By waking up early, you give yourself the luxury of time, you effectively can add hours to the conscious awake part of your life. Realising how many hours of my life I was wasting in bed, motivated me to work on this habit until I mastered it. Rising early avoids the rush at the beginning of your day and replaces it with a sense of calm. Even if it is fifteen minutes to have a shower and a cup of coffee before the kids wake it can make a massive impact, as a lot of my clients have discovered.  You can also use the time to fit in the things you never seem to have time for during the day, such as reading a few pages of a book, journaling, meditating, or simply taking in the sunrise. This early time has become precious to me and sets the tone for a positive and intentional day.

Morning coffee?

Most of us start our morning with a coffee or tea. Since I started listening to Andrew Huberman’s podcast, I don’t have caffeine in the first 90 minutes of my day. Apparently, it interferes with our cortisol levels, meaning it can negatively impact our alertness in the morning, as well as our adenosine levels interfering with when we naturally should feel drowsy.

Instead, I drink Mushroom coffee from London Nootropics first thing. You can use this affiliate link for 15% off. My favourite is Flow, which sharpens my mind in the morning to help me to focus quickly.

Then 90 minutes later I have some coffee ideally freshly brewed. Coffee for me is a lot about the smell so when it’s as fresh as possible, it adds the the morning ritual.

Get Your Body Moving

Exercise is a fantastic way to start your day and feel energised. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a quick yoga session, or a pre-breakfast run, it will jumpstart your metabolism, improve focus, and boost endorphins. You don’t have to commit to a lengthy workout; even 15 minutes of moving your body will do the trick.

Positive Affirmations

Another effective morning ritual to energise and motivate you is to use positive affirmations. The power of positive affirmations lies in the way they shape our thoughts and, ultimately, our reality. Take a few minutes to quietly state affirmations that reflect your goals and lift your spirits. These can be general statements like “I am capable of handling whatever comes my way today” or something more specific like, I am enough. Over time, these affirmations become a habitual part of your thought process and can make a noticeable difference in your life.

Review Your Goals

Every morning, spend some time reviewing your goals. Do a mental review of your long-term aspirations, getting excited about who you are becoming.

Later in the day when you sit at your desk you can reflect on the progress you’ve made and plan the steps you need to take next. Doing this keeps your focus on what’s important to you and serves as a reminder of your purpose, improving motivation and productivity.

Energising morning rituals have the power to transform your entire day. With these simple tasks, you can ensure that each day starts on a high note, setting you up for success in every aspect of your life. Embrace these rituals and watch as your days become more aligned with the person you are becoming.