How Exercise Will Improve Your Motivation

How Exercise Will Improve Your Motivation

Goals don’t just happen, once planned their achievement requires us to take action. So how do we stay motivated to take action towards our goals, even when we are not seeing results?

Exercise is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to stay energised and motivated in life, read on to find out how and why.

tap into your Happy hormones

We all know that physical activity creates many positive effects. Stronger muscles, better circulation, but you will also benefit from the release of chemicals that accompanies your exercise. Dopamine, serotonin, and other endorphins are released by the brain when you work out, these happy hormones are essential to human motivation and progress.

Serotonin has numerous effects on the body it helps strengthen bones, provide better sleep, mood, and behaviour. Serotonin also helps to reduce depression and anxiety, which in turn will  keep you feeling more motivated in all aspects of your life.

Dopamine is known as the “reward” drug  telling us when we’ve done something good. But it is  also the neurotransmitter that inspires or motivates us to take action. It is the source of our drive, why we pursue challenges. It is why we seek new things but it also the reason why we can be deeply unsatisfied.

The good feeling we get form dopamine will push us forward to pursue more things that will make us feel better and motivate us to do more.

The reward from Effort

When we work out, it takes a significant amount of effort to ensure we push our bodies to the extent that causes us to grow stronger physically and mentally. Exercise tends to improve our motivation by giving us confidence and allowing us to realise our abilities and keep moving forward, even when we’re tired.

It takes motivation to complete a workout, and the motivation we gain will encourage more motivation in other aspects of our lives. The experience of a tough exercise will give you a reference of what you can do and make you feel better about yourself to do and try more.

Keystone habits

Exercise is what’s called a keystone habit, a habit that encourages other habits. When you do regular exercise you are more likely to drink more water, eat healthier foods, go to bed earlier etc but you also will create the energy to try out new and better habits.

A consistent workout schedule will help you make better choices. Making healthier choices will help you build momentum for your motivation and push you to achieve milestones in life. For example, tracking and measuring your fitness goals and habits will further motivate you and help you see how you keep improving as long as you keep striving for more.

Exercise is one of the easiest routes to more motivation and energy.

If you want help creating any habit here are some simple steps to get started.