How To Decorate Your Office for Greater Productivity

Learn how to decorate your office for greater productivity, so you can produce quality work in a timely manner and enjoy working out of your office more.
How To Decorate Your Office for Greater Productivity

The way you decorate your office can significantly affect your work. To produce high-quality work and get tasks done more efficiently, an office should cultivate productivity and tranquility. Learning how to decorate your office for greater productivity can enhance your work life and positively boost your mood.

Remove the Clutter

When clutter invades your space, you risk the loss of motivation and order. Clutter can distract you from important tasks and pull your attention away from your work. Make it a habit to reduce the clutter in your office at the end of each day or once a week to keep a clean, organised work environment. If you have a currently have a chaotic workspace, commit taking some time to clear the clutter, it will immediately have a positive impact on your focus and on your wellbeing. People who have clutter in their lives are more likely to suffer from anxiety and poor sleep patterns, so get going and dump the stuff that is simply in the way and having a negative impact on your work and in your life.

Choose Colours With Care

Once you have removed the clutter you can then look at decorating your space to create a positive work environment. The colour on your walls matter.  Blue and green are said to  establish a calming more focus-driven space. Red increases your energy levels, heart rate, and blood flow, it can be a stimulant when you are feeling tired or low on motivation but be careful because too much red can be overwhelming and stressful for an everyday colour. Put some thought into colours and the space you have to play with.

Bring In the Green

Having nature and plants around you calms nerves which can help you to focus on the task at hand. You’ll also benefit from real plants purifying the air in the room and keeping you sharper. Certain plants are especially good for the office, something like a Peace lily is known for cleaning up the air, helping to remove toxins and create a nicer environment to work in. It’s tolerant of low light and grows quickly too. Another easy to keep plant is a snake plant, it is very difficult to kill one of these, very tolerant of novice plant growers.

But if you really don’t have a green finger in sight and are likely to kill anything that you are responsible for you could try a few fake plants because even though they aren’t the real deal, just the look of them will brighten up the space with calming energy.

Balance the Space With Light

Natural light does wonders for our brain and helps us remain productive throughout the workday. Natural light will reduce your eye strain and liven up the space that otherwise could look dull or mundane. A salt lamp is also a viable option; the lamp releases negative-charged ions into the air, purifying it and balancing your mood simultaneously.

Add Personalisation

Adding some personal belongings, like a photo or a favourite quote can give you a spark of motivation whenever you look at them. It’s ok to have fun with your space, and create art to hang on the walls or go crazy with a ribbon for your door something that will be appealing to look at when you walk in first thing in the morning.

If you haven’t thought about decorating your office for greater productivity, now is the time to start implementing some of these suggestions. You’ll quickly realise that a workspace you enjoy being in will make your job much more joyful and motivating.