Are you brave enough to Unplug for the Holidays?, a company that advocate innovative holistic wellness want to help you disconnect from what’s not important and connect with what is this Christmas. Are you up for the challenge?

How many tech devices will your family have on during the holidays?

Studies show that 4 out of 5 of us do our christmas shopping online with a preference to using phones over desktop or laptop. 97 percent of those under 25 are now equipped with a data enabled handset, (some gadget or other). With technology being one of the most popular presents this year are we in danger of loosing the art of conversation in the home? launched their 3 step Family Christmas Challenge this year and I think it’s a brilliant idea!

The 3 step Family Christmas Challenge

“1) Challenge your family to not use Google for one day. We all know it’s a useful resource but instead try a ‘Human based search engine’ putting post-it notes with questions up on the wall for other people to answer.

2) Put all the tech devices in the middle of the room. The first person to reach for their’s has to do a dare. For example, prep the veg for dinner or give away one of their presents to a neighbour who’s spending Christmas on their own.

3) Challenge people to not look at their phone during a film. Whoever caves in first has to do a dare.

Recently there’s been a refreshing change. Following a huge amount of media on our relationship with tech people are beginning to use the phrase ‘to unplug’ and seeing the positive of a more healthy balance with their tech. advocate innovative holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient healing, leaving attendees of their retreats feeling refreshed with new found inspiration and tools to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives, both online and off.

The next Unplug retreat will be at the famous Grouse Lodge in Westmeath. The weekend begins with story telling in front of the fire then mindful water movement in the indoor heated swimming pool. For more information, check out