9 Tips to Help you Stay Productive and Motivated

This is a guest post by Julie Petersen of the blog AskPetersen.com

Motivation is the life force of innovative ideas and achieving new heights of success. History has revealed this fact and contemporary inventions in every field of knowledge are also proving the same. However, every individual at some time must have felt a lack of inspiration to progress with certain tasks. This may have been due to monotony, frustration, the ambiguous nature of the task or many other reasons. If any of these things don’t feel right, the mind can swim in unknown corridors making it hazy and almost impossible to concentrate. Fortunately, a lot of current research has concentrated on how to increase productivity.

Tips for Boosting Motivation

There are innumerous ways to keep the mind active and away from sluggishness, enabling people to be more motivated throughout the day. Here are a few easy-to-do methods which can help increase your motivation and productivity.

1 Exercise daily

This is the simplest method for refreshing the mind. Walking the dog, riding a bicycle, going to a gymnasium, all can clear away morning slumber. This strategy could be intensified further getting involved in a marathon or health related competitions. Exercise will keep the body healthy and alert for intensive mind activities.

2 Play sport Regularly

Any sport upsurges mind, body and spirit, irrespective of the percentage of involvement. As long as there is involvement, a lot of things like dedication, teamwork, inspirational leadership qualities, etc. can be learned. There is a great psychological purging which can take place through sports making the mind clear and detangled.

3 Sleep without Disturbances

We all know how often doctors emphasize the importance of positive sleeping habits. Sleeping without too much noise or too many thoughts in your head will allow the subconscious mind to rest peacefully. Furthermore, there is great harmony between mind and body once an individual experiences deep sleep.

4 Listen to Music

Listening to music has become easy because of its availability and affordability. Music replenishes the spirit and additionally helps in the formation of imaginative thoughts. By having a serene session with favorite genres or albums you can uplift the mood and improve your chances of becoming inspired, and if you are lucky increasing your productivity. Read more about Music and Productivity here “Why does music motivate us?”.

5 Have a Different Approach to Life and Tasks Ahead

There are times when depression can set in and grow as a parasite devouring all your essential qualities. This leads to pessimism and psychological imbalances. Therefore, trying to keep a positive attitude and staying away from negative people will help help you to remain productivity at all times. If there is positivity and light surrounding, you then no negative force in the world can stop you achieve what you were meant to achieve.

6 Write Often

Writing doesn’t always have to have the intention to publish. Motivation can surface when you start to note down your thoughts or daily activities in a legible manner. There are many ways in which writing can provide motivation and inspire creativity. Blogging, journaling, mind mapping are a couple of ways that help people get inspired.

7 Take a break and go Visit Somewhere

If depression or frustration is eating away your motivation, pause your project and go visit somewhere you haven’t been before. Go visit a museum or if you can afford the time, go travel somewhere new. New places appeal to the aesthetic senses thereby motivating you to finish what you started with full vigor and enthusiasm.

8 Don’t indulge too much in the Internet

I’m sure I’m not telling you something you already know, but too much use of the Internet can consume a lot of time and negatively affect your productivity. Laziness can creep in and manual tasks will appear gigantic. Therefore, avoiding unnecessary time on the Internet will be advantageous for concentrating on the job ahead.

9 Read

There are many classics, epics, poetical masterpieces which give inspiration in abundance. Reading such books will increase your knowledge and your perspective on the world. In addition, books provide a lot of creative ideas which could inspire your own creative thoughts, so keep on reading!
By implementing any of the tips mentioned above you can easily overcome the hurdle of lack of motivation and if you are lucky you may just inspire those around you ensuring excellent results for all.

Julie Petersen is a tutor, writer and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present time she is running her essay writing blog AskPetersen.com, working as a blog editor at Essaymama writing agency and writing her first ebook dedicated to online learning. You may see Julie’s latest publications and contact her via Linkedin.

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