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Ciara Conlon is an experienced Speaker and Coach, an expert in Productivity and Performance, she works with leaders and their teams helping them to recognise how their subconscious mind is limiting their potential. Her mission is to help people and organisations to wake up and remove the habits and beliefs that aren’t working in order to make space for better performance and productivity, more creativity and innovation and overall happier people and workplaces.

Ciara speaks regularly on the subjects of Productivity and Performance, Conscious leadership, Creating a Culture of Innovation and High Performance Habits. Known for her positivity and her ability to inspire the most resistant, Ciara is an energetic and engaging speaker.

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If you would like to find out more about Ciara’s work helping leaders and teams increase performance under pressure please go to SpiritLeadership.ie

Sample Talks

This is a practical session outlining the role habit plays in our lives. It will help both individuals and their teams wake up to unconscious beliefs and behaviours that limit our potential. By understanding the neuroscience of habit we can leverage it to create positive and productive habits to increase performance and help our teams to achieve their goals. This can be run as a half day programme giving individuals the opportunity to work on creating new positive and productive habits.
Innovation is a necessary part of the successful future of any organisation. But only by waking up to the unconscious beliefs and behaviours that currently run our day, will make space for creativity and curiosity to flourish and start to create the environment for a culture of Innovation. Ciara also runs a one day Innovation and Creativity Problem Solving programme to encourage creativity and progress.
Take control of workload, learn how to focus, prioritise and get more done with this practical popular talk on getting organised and staying productive. This can be run as a half or full day programme or a full team intervention with coaching to increase your team's performance, productivity and help them manage stress and overwhelm.
This session will help individuals to learn strategies for unplugging and being more present in their lives. It will give them tips how to stay focused and keep their attention on the things that matter.
The ability to give your attention both to work and your personal life is a skill not everyone possesses. This talk will give you practical advice to manage your workload, learn how to prioritise, focus on the right things at the right time and create positive habits that will support your success. This can also be delivered as a half day training session helping individuals create the habits that will make them more productive and happier.

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