How To Help Your Employees Thrive and Develop

How To Help Your Employees Thrive and Develop

Whether you’re a manager or entrepreneur one of your roles is to achieve results through people. We know that employees are more likely to perform at their best when they are recognised and allowed to play to their strengths.

This guide will help you to help your employees thrive and develop with the added bonus of increasing performance and productivity.

Find a Management Style Balance

There are so many conflicting opinions as to what is the best management style but the reality is that there is no one way to manage people effectively. Instead, we must remember that different styles have their merit at different times and with different people. You may think that being a very directive leader is not the right way to lead but you would be wrong when it comes to new employees who need a lot of guidance and direction, Likewise a Laissez faire style would not be appropriate with a new starter but ideal for an experienced self motivated person.

Get better at Listening

It’s important to not leave good listening to chance, you should consider having some mechanism to allow you to take the time to listen to what your employees tell you and make an effort to follow through with solutions if solutions are needed.  Managers solve problems and make sure that people have what they need to deliver results. So keep you ears and door open, let your people know that you are there when needed.

Give them clarity

One of biggest blockers when it comes to high performance is lack of clarity. When people are unsure about their roles, goals or purpose you can be sure they won’t be playing at their best. Make sure you people are clear about what it is you expect from them. When people know what they are aiming for they are much more capable of achieving it,

Offer Growth Potential

Human beings have an internal desire to get and be better but what if a person’s role has reached its limit? Your employees will need challenge to continue their development, and if they can’t get that at your company, they may start looking elsewhere. That’s why you need to find ways to provide more opportunities for them.

Provide your people with learning opportunities that will help them grow. Many companies set up programs specifically for their employees that teach them needed skills and tools of the trade. it’s important to make it easy for people to get better at their jobs. For example, if you use Azure for your cloud computing needs, they offer developer training courses that greatly benefit anyone who takes them.

Put Your Trust in Them

Finally, one of the best ways to help your employees thrive and develop is to put your trust in their abilities. If you have hired someone that you believe has the strengths to fulfil a position allow them to show you they can. Take a step back and let people make the occasional mistake. As long as you handle the situation well, they’ll learn from it and become a better worker.

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