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Get Unstuck Coaching

Get Unstuck is a fast and effective coaching engagement to get you unstuck and back on track in your business and life.

  • Identify negative and limiting beliefs and reshape them to help you reach your goals
  • Release old stuck emotion from the past, emotions such as sadness, anger, resentment, guilt, shame or others keeping you from experiencing life fully in the present
  • Identify old patterns of thought or behaviour not serving you and give you steps to choose new ones
  • Create a strategy for moving forward towards achieving your goals

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28 Days to Habit Mastery Online Course

Achieve your goals with clarity, confidence and small daily action.

  • Remove the blocks, the beliefs and behaviours that sabotage your success
  • Understand the science behind habit creation
  • A simple system for creating and sticking with your habits
  • How to create positive habits and break bad habits
  • How to break bad mental habits
  • How to stop procrastinating and finally get your goals

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Purposeful Productivity Coaching

A six week group coaching programme that will give you the strategy and techniques to get your business organised and focused.

  • Gain clarity on their big goals
  • Create habits to stay productive and motivated
  • Remove the limiting beliefs, blocks and bad habits that have been standing in the way
  • Unleash the potential and purpose that lies stuck inside.

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Leadership Coaching

Coaching for Managers and Leaders

Coaching Support for challenging times, now more than ever you need the support to maintain your performance and productivity through the ever changing landscape.

  • Gain Clarity and Focus
  • Create a Resilient Mindset
  • Maintain Energy and Motivation
  • Learn how to best support your team
  • Manage Remote Challenges

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About Your Coach

Ciara is a highly experienced coach, speaker and author working with leaders, business owners and high performing individuals for over a decade. She uses a number of modalities to help her clients breakthrough the barriers, gain more clarity and focus and create an environment for transformation and continued success.

She has published three books on productivity and personal development, find out more here
She regularly speaks at conferences and corporate events, find out more on her speaker page
She is the Co-Founder of a leadership and team development consultancy, Spirit Leadership. Spirit Leadership is a Conscious Leadership approach to high performance. Their leadership Development programme, grounded in the latest research in neuroscience; positive psychology and elite sport, is designed to unlock potential and accelerate the performance of future leaders.