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Coaching will enable you to increase your own personal performance, unlock your own potential while helping your team to maximise theirs. Starting from a point of awareness, any challenge or behaviour can be focused on and improved. A High Performing Sports person knows that you don’t reach your potential alone, why would you do it in business? Having a coach to support your journey enables you to get clarity on your goals and what’s required to get you to peak performance both at work and in life.

Leadership Methodology

What does the coaching process involve?

What my Clients are Saying

"Ciara helped me to navigate my progression in Leadership, she facilitated clarity and focus to enable me to reach my goals"
“You will know why you need to work with Ciara after twenty minutes of conversation. If you need insight, guidance or advice on how to develop as a leader or to grow in to a management role take the time to meet with Ciara. You will see excellent results from day one.”
“Thank you for a really excellent coaching session, it was by far the best coaching I have every received. I appreciate your very valuable guidance and your support in helping me prioritise my goals and devising a plan to become a better leader”

Coaching with Ciara Conlon

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching will enable each leader to unlock their own individual potential, while growing and nurturing their team. This coaching encourages each leader to work towards creating High Performance Habits and identify and focus on developing the behaviours required to get them to the next level of their career.

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Workflow Coaching

Productivity coaching is perfect for Executives or any professional who doesn't have the time to come to a workshop and later spend time integrating our system. I come to you. We will spend 1 to 2 days co-designing a Workflow Management system which matches your way of thinking and working.

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