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Have you ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated or disillusioned because you haven’t yet reached your potential? You know you have more to give but life feels like a relentless struggle. You want to make an impact and create something amazing but it feels like there is something blocking you?

If you want to Breakthrough your current limitations and drastically increase your productivity and performance, I may be the coach for you.

I work with a small number of individual clients each year. You should be serious about change and ready to invest in your future. My coaching will focus on improving both your personal and professional life increasing  your performance and helping you find more balance and joy.

By waking up to your unconscious beliefs and behaviours, removing any blocks that maybe limiting your success and installing positive habits you can and will transform your world.

My coaching programme spans 6 months and costs €2400.

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More About Ciara

Ciara is a highly experienced coach, speaker and author working with leaders, business owners and high performing individuals for over a decade. She uses a number of modalities to help her clients breakthrough the barriers, gain more clarity and focus and create an environment for transformation and continued success.

She has published three books on productivity and personal development, find out more here
She regularly speaks at conferences and corporate events, find out more on her speaker page
She is the Co-Founder of a leadership and team development consultancy, Spirit Leadership. Spirit Leadership is a Conscious Leadership approach to high performance. Their leadership Development programme, grounded in the latest research in neuroscience; positive psychology and elite sport, is designed to unlock potential and accelerate the performance of future leaders.

What my Clients are Saying

"Ciara helped me to navigate my progression in Leadership, she facilitated clarity and focus to enable me to reach my goals"
“You will know why you need to work with Ciara after twenty minutes of conversation. If you need insight, guidance or advice on how to develop as a leader or to grow in to a management role take the time to meet with Ciara. You will see excellent results from day one.”
“Thank you for a really excellent coaching session, it was by far the best coaching I have every received. I appreciate your very valuable guidance and your support in helping me prioritise my goals and devising a plan to become a better leader”

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