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I am a Leadership Coach helping managers and business owners increase performance and personal productivity while finding more balance and joy in their lives. One of the biggest challenges of a busy work environment is switching off from work and finding time or head space for family and fun. For years my life was chaos, frustration and stress, I struggled to create balance and find time for myself and my family. Until I finally recognised how my unconscious beliefs were limiting what I was capable of achieving and my negative habits were standing in the way of me doing anything about it.

In my latest book Rise Before Your Bull and other habits of successful people, I have created a simple framework for creating lasting positive habits which have helped me to stay focused and effective at work and be present and enjoy my life at home as well as helping me to see what I am capable of and go out and create it.

If you would like to feel more in control of your life, feel happy with your performance and have more meaning and joy get in touch to find out more about coaching or check out my Spirit Leadership Coaching here

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I am also a Co-Founder of a leadership and team development consultancy, Spirit Leadership. Spirit Leadership works with leaders and teams to improve well being, productivity and performance.  Our leadership Development programme, grounded in the latest research in neuroscience; positive psychology and elite sport, is designed to unlock potential and accelerate the performance of future leaders.

Our work with leaders encourages a collective awakening making space for more conscious and innovative cultures.


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