Top Tips for Entrepreneurs from Ivan Yates

“Success always comes where preparation meets opportunity”

Henry Hartman

Business is a tough game, where risk taking has gone from being something admirable to being a game for fools. Entrepreneurs make the world go round, they are the mechanics of the economy. If they stop tinkering with the engines, recovery will elude us for some time yet.

We need to look after our entrepreneurs or more importantly they need to look after themselves.

Ivan Yates businessman, broadcaster and former politician had a lot of solid advice and tips for entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneurs Organisations’ conference in the Marker Hotel earlier this week. Here are a few of his savvy tips alongside my savvy opinions!

1. Self Belief

Self belief is essential. The knowledge that you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. As Henry Ford said “If you think you can or think you can’t you are probably right” You need to believe it before you can achieve it. Anything is possible with focus and determination.

2. Be a People Person

Business is about relationships, relationships with coworkers, suppliers, clients. Be nice, be honest and be fair with all who you deal with. Whether you believe in good Karma or not, your business could probably do with a bit of it.

3. Look After your Relationships

It’s not just your business relationships that are important. Don’t loose sight of the people in your life that really matter. It is easy to lose focus on what’s truly important life and become absorbed by your business.Take a step back regularly to reassess your priorities. Life and relationships don’t have to suffer while you reach business success.

4. Exercise

A large percentage of highly successful people are super fit. Exercise gives us energy, it reduces stress, enhances well being and all round makes you shit hot! Don’t underestimate the power of regular exercise. If you were only to adopt one new habit this year make it the habit of daily exercise. You will thank me next year.

5. Planning

A wing and a prayer is no longer sexy. You need to have a plan. A strategy, a goal and a vision. Knowing where you are headed will encourage and enable success more quickly. Be clear about your goals and then plan you daily schedule to be constantly working towards them. Your calendar is the number one tool for beating procrastination. Use it.

6. Persevere

Perseverance is key. Many years of hard work goes into building a career, and often we don’t realise how close we were to success when we give up. Perseverance is key, there will be good times and bad but as long as we maintain forward momentum we will make progress. Persevere with your personal growth and development through good times and bad. Each positive change or improvement you make, no matter how small will add up to give you great results.

and a couple of tips from me

7. Get Organised

If you want to be brilliant, adopt brilliant habits. Don’t let the clutter, disorganisation and distraction stand in the way of your greatness. Clear your desk, clear out your inbox and get your act together.

8. Disconnect

No not from reality, from your electronics. In order to be able to focus on the right stuff at the right time you need to be in control of your own time and attention. Technology is amazing but it is also an energy suck and a focus disaster. Get disciplined and close your email when you need to focus. Switch off your phone, turn off all notifications and become the master of your gadgets

9. Catch the Positive Vibe

and lastly stay positive though it all. Surround yourself with positive people as Ivan says “Don’t let the begrudgers get you down” Focus on what’s good in your life and never dwell on what is not going so well. Ensure your thoughts are positive and supportive always. It may sound like fluffy crap but it works. Positive optimists make the best entrepreneurs.

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