Staying Afloat and Paperless with Evernote

Going Paperless with EvernoteYes I’ve said it aloud, now I have to do it:

This year I plan to go paperless!

I’m really landing myself in it this year. Last week at a business lunch someone asked me what my goals were for this year and it was then I blurted it out. “I am going to learn how to swim!” Of course learning to swim has been a goal for a long time but as it is one of those uncomfortable goals that I really don’t want to do I have kept it on the “QT”.

So the word is out, In 2013 I am going to learn how to swim and go paperless.

The Swimming

Many moons ago I went to classes to learn how to swim but gave them up due to bad advice. I found out I was pregnant on my first son and the instructor told me it was best I left the classes for now. 17 years later I’m still a chimp in the water! So here goes a public declaration which needs to be followed up on.

PLEASE NOTE: I just stopped typing and made an inquiry with woman I am currently coaching who works in a gym with a pool.

First Action complete and I’m actually starting to feel excited about it. I know the trick for me is to focus on the outcome. The thought of being able to swim excites me. The thought of having to get into a swimsuit and put on goggles not so much. But if I can swim one length of a normal sized swimming pool by the end of 2013 I will be a happy goal setter! Now a new note in Evernote to remind me to buy a swimsuit that fits.

The Paperless Quest

Another goal that I have been talking about for quite some time. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the task I have never even made a start. I just read an article on the Evernote blog which finally encouraged me to take action “A New Paperless Challenge to Kick off the New Year” Since I became an Eco-Queen many years ago I have spoken about going down the paperless route. All my bills are in electronic format and I print out as little as possible. But taking the next step has always scared me. This article makes it easy and foolproof. If you are not an Evernote user, a perfect solution is to buy the Evernote for Mom’s book (even if you are not a Mom) This will help you to set up Evernote and use it to go paperless.

Invitation to Join in

Read the blog post hereand if you would like to join in the challenge send me an email or tweetme @ciaraconlon #paperless ?

Please Note: I have just booked myself into a beginners swimming class starting next Monday eek!

I will keep you informed!

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Great suggestion, Ciara. I’m going to try it myself. Have you got any suggestions re securing the data? I can’t find anything on the Evernote blog.

Hi Jackie, here is an extract from Lauren Rothlisberger’s book Evernote for Mom’s

“You may find yourself putting in information that you do not want easily accessed. For
example, a list of your passwords. You can easily in encrypt this by highlighting the text, right-clicking, and choosing “Encrypt this Selected Text”. You will set a passphrase that will be needed to access this text in the future. Just remember, if you forget this passphrase, the information is as good as gone. It is important to remember this encryption will only work on text. If you want to encrypt a JPG or PDF you will need to do that before you place it in your Evernote note. A simple search online will give you various options on accomplishing this”

The fact is any information in the cloud can be stolen but so too can the data on your PC while you are connected to the Internet. I think the likelihood of it happening to an individual is very low. For Company data Evernote Business may be a better solution.

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