I Love the Wind

Van Gogh
Sea Scape by Van Gogh
I love the wind; I love how it makes me feel. I don’t love the wind for the same reasons as my friend Dave (the windsurfer), but I think my underlying reasons may be similar.

I love what the wind does to the world. I do appreciate that wind can be destructive and harmful but that is not the wind I speak about. I speak about the wind that makes the grass move and the trees sway. The wind that makes you notice insignificant bushes that bob up and down with its force. The wind that brings all things to life.

As I walk the length of beach between my home and my boys’ school, I do it with intention. I could have walked the quickest route down the street but a glimpse of the sea through the break in the houses and I was reminded of the beauty that lies beyond. My decision to go that way makes me feel alive, alive and thankful for the breath that I can take with ease and for the place in which I live. The rush of energy that is the wind against my face reaffirms I exist, I coexist with billions of others on this spherical like rock and I feel privileged.

So this morning my post is short and sweet, it’s not my usual style but I wanted to share with you the joy of nature, the happiness that comes with simplicity. The importance of noticing life. This morning is a call to action wherever you are in the world. If you are in my home town, go to the beach and notice what I speak about, if you are somewhere in Ireland you will probably find wind wherever you are! But if you are in the Algeria or Argentina, India or Egypt you may not have the pleasure of wind on your face but I do hope you can take a moment to appreciate, to notice and to acknowledge, the wonder and beauty of life and nature. Today is a new day to breathe, to love and to share. Who knows what tomorrow will bring so I urge you make today sweet.

If you have any good feelings to share please add a comment.

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I just had to say how thankful I am that I read this post today.
At the moment, my life is busier than usual, so it’s really great to be reminded to breathe, be present and to appreciate. Thank you.

Thanks Yasmin delighted you gained from it. Good Luck with your busy schedule.

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